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Lawn Care

Kevco provides weekly lawn mowing, pruning, weeding and other maintenance services to keep your lawn to keep your lawn looking healthy.

Spring Cleanup

After a long winter and the snow has melted, Kevco provides spring clean ups. We clean your entire lawn, edge flower beds, power rake & mow your property making it shine and ready for the nice weather.

Fall Cleanup

Before the snow flies and the leaves pile up, Kevco provides fall cleanups! We clean all leaves and debris from lawn areas and planting beds and cut your lawn to prepare for your property for the cold season.


Kevco offers a formulated lawn care system designed to give you a healthy lawn. 



Kevco can provide a quote for an irrigation system or evaluate your existing irrigation system.

Slice Seeding

Kevco provides slice seeding which repairs a damaged lawn or can improve a weak lawn.        

Snow Plowing

We provide snow plowing services for both residential and commercial properties.  Before the first flake falls, let Kevco provide a quote for your property.

Handyman Service

Kevco provides interior and exterior handy man services for your home. We are skilled at a wide range of repairs such as painting, replacement windows and changing smoke alarms to name a few.


Organic Mosquito Control

Kevco provides organic mosquito and tick spray seasonally that is safe for pets and children.